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Studying Yog is like spending each each day, each hour and moment living with awareness. Studying one’s breath and actions.

And that is the whole essence of being a Yogi. To master one’s breath. And then letting that flow align with one’s body and mind with the spirit i.e awareness.

The Paradox

Who is observing the observer? Are you in front of the camera or behind it ? Or are you it ? Do you realize the change Changing? We walked up to the oldest virgin man. The sevak of shiva sitting on a hill, under a bright summer sun. His skin had earned blocks of pentagon, shaped into numerous lines criss-crossing his whole body. Once wrinkles turned into scales, crafted like on a snake’s skin. For a moment when he stood, I moved and touched that skin. But it felt nothing like it instead it was soft as wool. We walked seven steps together and then he sat in the shadow, near few men who had come from the nearby village, singing. He was humorous. He looked at Maharaj ji and told him that you look older than me! abhi bhi dum lagate ho? Do you still smoke Chillum? And started laughing at his own prank. But when he did, i could see through his mouth till his almost neck, bereft of any bone. wide, narrow, dry and …

The Essence of Food in the times

How can we describe food? What sun is to plants, food is to humans. Food is as much sun. The only visible god. The energy. Prana Shakti. What you eat will determine the longevity of your strength not just of your body, but also of your senses. Not just five, but all ten of them. And very slowly as you will with full awareness practise eating, it will start determining the strength of ones spirit. Because anything that we consume becomes our spirit. The most beautiful things in life work and are found in silence. So should working of our stomach be. It is the home where Shakti resides. Feed her respectfully. And to tell you that is how Yog arrived in me it wasn’t that i started doing asanas, no. It arrived through food. It took only the alignment of understanding the body from within. That is how I imagine the first and the foundation of becoming a yogi starts, by understanding ones relation with food. To cut the story short I will not tell you to …

Mother is like light in life’s darkness

In the paralyzing times of helplessness, while doing nothing; close your eyes. Think of water, a river. And if possible become it. Shiva was eyes wide open in all directions. The destructive eye opened inwards. We went to pataloka to touch him in dim light and later ate spice. Darkness is the birth place of all creations. A child becomes in the dark. The lights glows the most in the dark. Mangla, the cow is pregnant. One big similarity, between a woman and a cow is that both take nine months before their child comes out in the wild. One of many reasons why the living civilisation considers cow as mother.

Life is only breath. Every other thing a distraction.

Tonight is dedicated to red Hibiscus flowers. They ended inside the fire place while praying for the solar chord. It was also mauni amavasya, i.e a moonless night  observed in silence. Women had fasted in the exchange for words. They did speak from mouths today but eyes were seen talking. There was nothing sattvic about the day even though I tried to make it. It all ended without a moral. Without a story as if either it wasn’t needed or we weren’t important. The walk was long. It didn’t feel long but sun had almost set and we both had reached to the aghora rhymes. The once desired magic when attained, when passed over, turns to mundane. Life is only breath. Every other thing a distraction.

The neem Tree

Its time to sleep. And Logar starts beating the drum again tonight. May be he does it for mangla, the cow. But then there is no need for that. Or may be to warm himself up. It is cold. Or most probably and i feel this could be the reason, to keep Jacky, the panther away from the cows. Its windy. Neem tree under which we sleep showers its old leaves on us all night. In the morning we went towards the field and started digging. The mud that we got was put into a copper plate and then was under the same tree. On it we placed a copper snake and twelve different coloured stones in the direction of the water. Maharaj went to the temple on the mountain. I, and the guy whose dream is to mine a mountain started putting the clay in the direction of the planet’s movement. But they wobble. Even though the energy is needed to pour in them, the vital breath but we shall see tomorrow when maharaj …

The measure of happiness

In one of my travels a sage asked me, what is the measure of happiness? I tried guessing but I wasn’t close ? Measure? I could only ask back if it can be measured. As I softly asked him to please stop smiling, and enlighten me. He took his time. And said the true measure of happiness is the average sum of sunrises and sunsets a man sees divided by the days of life. Sometimes it feels inappropriate but it is kind of apt.