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The Essence of Food in the times

How can we describe food? What sun is to plants, food is to humans. Food is as much sun. The only visible god. The energy. Prana Shakti. What you eat will determine the longevity of your strength not just of your body, but also of your senses. Not just five, but all ten of them. And very slowly as you will with full awareness practise eating, it will start determining the strength of ones spirit. Because anything that we consume becomes our spirit.

The most beautiful things in life work and are found in silence. So should working of our stomach be. It is the home where Shakti resides. Feed her respectfully.

And to tell you that is how Yog arrived in me it wasn’t that i started doing asanas, no. It arrived through food. It took only the alignment of understanding the body from within. That is how I imagine the first and the foundation of becoming a yogi starts, by understanding ones relation with food.

To cut the story short

I will not tell you to east less. It is your journey and you all will know yourself when, what and how much you need.

But if you can, to start with Avoid these four foods with grit and resolve however weak it may be at the start.

Maida/White flour

In Ayurveda- the ancient Indian science of food and medicine that one should eat those food that grow in and around your vicinity. That may not be possible today. But what you can do is to buy less, cook well and finish each day. So that your food remains as young and leads you to light and energy.

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