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Moon, Woman, and the essence of a Long Life

The year will soon end, and hence i was thinking of going into the realms of my understanding of this life as a Yogi, to speak to you in terms that i have for last few months. As someone who has been accumulating all the learnings and secrets of the ancient life. Even though soon ancient will be studied as a period that was before internet, but we in India know ancient is not somewhere outside, it was and still in some bodies lie within. According to legend, Adiyogi Shiva drank somarasa, the intoxicating juice of the moon. He simply imbibed the distilled essence of the moonbeams and was described as constantly drunk and hence in bliss. I, myself being a Yogi, I am not against pleasure. But I am unwilling to settle with little pleasures. That is all. The main source of energy for this planet is the sun, and our body becomes just the piece of that planet through sun’s influence in many different ways. Yet the very fundamentals of our birth are connected to …

The Play of Tendencies

There are many layers under our skin. Cells that live with us and leave us without even letting us know, doing their work quietly. Taking all the time of their own in becoming and unbecoming, as they slowly settle into a tendency. We become our tendencies. Repetition of gestures become life long habits. As simple as acquiring the taste of sugar. For some, Coffee in the morning is a habit. Like buying bottled(plastic) water, but it wasn’t used to be. Making a habit is a lot easier than breaking one (ask a smoker), you can live on old habits for a while, but the future seemingly depends on finding and building some new ones with (and for) your people. Or your family. Or yourself. As soon as something useless starts becoming a norm for the body; this mind should be taught a lesson. Every becoming habit should be tested in its phase of tendency. One must shock it, confront it. We should oppose ourselves, resist our actions, question and be strict with ourselves. Because, undoubtedly …

A Traveller’s lessons from ten years on the ँ Road

Few years ago while swimming in the river Tungbhadra in Sringeri, I met an Indian data Scientist who had left his job in the US to work on the Indian River systems. As we spoke while floating in the river conversing about culture and civilization, it that time when i realized something very commonplace, and the impression of its true meaning changed something in me right there

Ways to Grow

  A checklist to get you started—you can either do the same thing or a different thing… More of the same Persist Get the word out Doing something different Change an element of what you do Raise your prices Lower your prices Make it better Tell a different story Serve a different customer Enter a new segment Change the downstream effects of your work Earn trust Make bigger promises Organize Get better clients Do work that matters to someone