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As many of my readers know that Mother and I run an arts and education school for children in a local community in Delhi. I would like to invite Anyone who is reading this that you are welcome to spend time with them.

If any child can learn and get inspired from you, from your stories and works, there can be no greater joy.” At school we try to organise film screenings, pottery, painting, paper, sculpture, clay modelling classes and theatre workshops. You can write to me at narayankaudinya@gmail.comif and whenever you are passing by Delhi.

Here, our children are always excited to meet world travellers.

The kind of travel and the kind of assignment depends on the nature of boundaries.

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The Sketch is from the night when i travelled with one groom to his wedding to a tribal village from Gujarat to attend this Rural Wedding in Rajasthan. As we found all of them sleeping when we arrived(2017)

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