Month: June 2022

Following Vivekananda; and How one Home Found me in Kasar Devi- Almora

The fourteenth night of the waning moon each month is special. But in the month of Falgun i.e. March, this 14th night is said to have an upsurge of Prana/energy in one’s system (also if one could sit still throughout night) that which even pulled Swami Vivekananda more than 130 years ago to this small little mountainous region called Almora. But more precisely to a place on the top of the Kashyapa hill known as Kasar Devi. A place or the temple structure dating back to 2nd century CE.

If Only Trees

The Devdar tree by the rockThe Fir and the Pinemust have its memories too:after a thousand years,see how its brancheslean towards the ground Only if I could get enoughaway from peoplewhere there was much more skyseen through the leaves abovemeeting trees from this and otherthan land,high risers. I see,by the day the grass is going brown or red in placesUnder the broad shadows of the Chinar treeSometimes now, here, everywhereI am talked to, is by silence Yet, IfI could only get closer to the lightwhere most of it is light. : ँ : Thank you. If today is the first time you have arrived on The Road to Nara, you are heartily welcome ~ Namaste : ँ : I will take this opportunity to introduce you to About me and importantly; Sharing some Lessons that awakened me while travelling Solo for Years on the Road, before you coarse on your own Road to Nara. You might also love to know about My Little School : ँ : I will appreciate all your support; your words or any contributions you might like to make towards …