About me

Hello ! Welcome on The Road to Nara.


I am Narayan Tushar Kaudinya. I am a Visual Artist and a writer. I studied History and Sanskrit, and further got interested in learning and researching about the daily rituals and activities of the people that lived during the pre-vedic times in the Indian subcontinent.

In the winters of 2011-12, I decided to travel and teach in a village that got opened for the world after forty years since the Indo-Pak war of 1971. Living with the children there for over five months in the foothills of Siachin glacier in the most cruel days of winter (once it touched minus thirty one degrees at a time), educating a mongoloid tribe awakened a deep sense of gratitude and perception towards nature and her beings. It was not just fascinating but It assured me that I can touch the invisible, her magic essence, and that partially spreads though children. I later went on to teach in several North Indian states teaching and documenting children and communities for various organisations, and in the process understanding myself and the  life outside of me.

Somehow in this life I have got myself involved in telling all kinds of stories in a few kinds of ways. While working on my first teaching assignment I started documenting social and cultural life of various communities, and gradually moved towards filmmaking. I have studied History and Sanskrit. And learnt the ancient Yogic way of nerve healing, Neurotherapy from an octogenarian in the upper Himalayan region of Mandakini valley. Time with Shivji has brought me the most rewarding experiences that has grown my understanding of human body and mind. And the inclination towards the unknown; It has since then provided me unexpected but always needed love, food and shelter in villages and sleepy towns way out of tourism’s sight.

I come back to Delhi. Here mother and I run a small school for children.

As a Traveller

I travel and travel to teach. I am working on projects that aim to transform the way education and information is given to our children. I am striving to build a project that brings environment, education, delight and tourism together.

I have walked through the Himalayas, staying at one place at a time. From Kashmir to Kedar valley to Kathmandu. And have almost died twice, somehow miraculously escaped mostly unhurt the second time in the jungle of central India. Have been on an IB list on  freak charges for working extensively in the border areas. Hitchhiked with my broken bike on the backside of a truck only to be left even by the driver and helper in the highest cold desert for two coldest nights inside a compartment. Lived through a silent massacre; people killing countless, innumerable maybe I can only estimate a slaughter of over a lac animal, birds aside in two days of walking along a monsoon river and seeing fields turning red with blood in southern Nepal. I have managed to drive a sixteen-tyre truck from Surat to Vadodara after the driver(heartbroken) passed out drinking before Gujarat(as you cannot carry alcohol after that and he drank all before it) arrived, while hitchhiking from Pune. I have crisscrossed this country twice on my bike. Learnt rowing and lived through the longest curfew periods in the Kashmir valley on Dal.


DO Write

Mother and I run a primary school for children in New Delhi. Anyone who is reading this is welcome to spend time with them. You are welcome to share your stories, art, your various works and experiences.

If any child can learn and get inspired from you, from your stories and works, there can be no greater joy.” At school we try to organise film screenings, pottery, painting, paper, sculpture, clay modelling classes and theatre workshops. You can write to me at narayankaudinya@gmail.com, if and whenever you are passing by Delhi.

Here children are always excited to meet travellers.

It is always good to hear from fellow travellers, writers and bloggers!

If you are a media house, or working in education, a travel organisation or a tourism board, interested in collaborating or have any question about travelling in India, please email me at narayankaudinya@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!