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Self with tree/ while shooting for Viraha//film//119 min, 2015

Why to Work with Road to Nara ?

For the narratives that must become magic. Experience and depth spanning over fifteen years in working with various academic, publishing and production houses, producing Qualitative works in writing, film and Photographs.

Majority of us today are after information, but there is something more important than information. A teacher. A guide. He, who can help you make sense of everything, give you guidance and support, troubleshoot problems, and be there to answer all your questions, not just queries.

Personally, I am focused towards exploring an Indian or Eastern way of living a slow, enriching life of work, travels and developing human awareness around nature, Environment and Education while finding one’s true roots through the elements of life present outside of us to within, and the ways that must lead to align them as one.

Apart from travelling in regions and communities- documenting them, i have been academically trained as a Historian and Researcher. Being a student of Yoga and Sanskrit; helps me in bringing many deep rooted and varied experiences together to not just work but present, share, teach, and inform through my expressions here at Road to Nara.

Writing, photographing and filming my travels; introducing travel and other brands, showcasing your destination, accommodation or a sustainable, environment friendly events to my readers in an experiential way – with a focus on soulful local experiences and organic travels. I offer blog posts showcasing my experiences, suggestions, Life advices, practical tips, short video travelogues and post-travel giveaways.

As a professional Filmmaker and blogger, I charge a blogging fee to compensate for my time and effort. To create a new campaign, help you with innovative ideas or to join an ongoing body of work, please email me at :
How can I help you and how can you work with me ?

I. If you find yourself interested in observing life and are inclined towards understanding your ways of seeing and want to take this soulful activity into making it an enriching skill! It may be an Image making process, Writing or Motion picture.

II. I receive many emails asking for guidance, recommendations and for many other travel tips.

As my love and domain area is South Asia, particularly the Greater Himalayas, the Karakoram Range, and the lower Himalayas in the north India and villages in West and South India. I have extensively travelled and worked in these regions.  if you are planning to travel in India for a longer period, want guidance to stay in a Himalayan Village with the local family, looking to live on a boat in Kashmir, want to farm, or travel in the rural areas to witness a local wedding or a traditional folklore through dance and storytelling, my team and I will be happy to guide, share our resources and help you to build an itinerary.

III. Yog, Sanskritam and Ayurveda are an inseparable part of each other. Last few years there were people who wrote to me asking to help them with places that can provide medical services while living in nature. Medical Tourism is a fast growing sector in India. And ancient Indian ways of healing have come to the fore to help millions of people around the world, providing them with state of the art facilities in competitive prices with accommodation and ancient practitioners of Yog.

Things are going to change and post pandemic world will be as vulnerable as ever. But if you are seeking to travel to India for Humanitarian or Healthcare purposes. Do write. We will do our best to guide you.
IV. India is the oldest living civilisation on earth. It is as old as it is advanced. In my travels for over a decade i met numerous travellers trying to find the right teacher/guru; trying to reach a place where seeking peace becomes a way of living each day. For a few ones do but many find themselves trapped too.

India is not only a place to travel but an opportunity to come one on one with yourself.
If you are looking for places to practice homa(the ancient fire ritual), want to learn about the ancient practices for mind and body, or are looking to travel to places that provide you above all with teachers and people whom i have learnt from for years myself.

Please write to me a detailed mail at :

My only aim to share my experiences, through my blog, photographs and writing is to help build a world that is not only connected but one that learns to live together as well. I aim to inspire people to not only travel but in doing so find their way back home. I would like my readers and brands to embrace a green, sustainable and organic way of living.

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Please email me at to discuss your travel initiatives.


I was travelling to a tribal village in Gujrat from Barmer, to attend a rural wedding -for “Rural Asian Wedding Project”, i was tired.

When we reached thinking people from the other side will be ready to receive the groom, we would eat and sit, there came no one outside the village gate as was decided. Even though it was still dark but birds have woken up. As we walked further we saw large red coloured tent’s roof flapping heavily and under it every body was sleeping like bodies wrapped in white. The groom stood in awe and we as numerous fans revolved noisily.


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