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Self with tree/ while shooting for Viraha//film//119 min, 2015

We all learnt, may be the hard way that it takes continuous disciplined work of days and years to earn and save money, chasing dreams to build a life.

But no one told me that any work can be loved, only if one can relish and appreciate the company of the ones working with.

: ँ :

Then why should you work with me ?

For your narratives that must become magic. Experience and depth spanning over fifteen years in working with various academic, publishing and production houses; producing Soulful and Quality works in writing, film and Photographs.

Majority of us today are after information, but there is one thing more important than many informations together. A teacher. He, who can help you make sense of everything, give you guidance and support, troubleshoot problems, and be there to answer all your questions, not just queries.

Personally, I am focused towards exploring an Indian or Eastern way of living a quiet, enriching life of work and travels while developing human awareness around nature, Environment and Education. Finding one’s true roots through the fundamental elements of life, present outside and as much within, while finding ways to align them as one.

Apart from travelling in regions, villages and communities for over a decade- documenting them and being published, exhibited, screened and awarded stories, i have been academically trained as a Historian and Researcher. Being a student of Yoga and Sanskrit; helps me in bringing many deep rooted and varied experiences together to not just work but present, share, teach, and inform through my expressions here at the Road to Nara.

: ँ :
Writing, photographing and filming my travels; introducing travel and other brands, showcasing your destination, accommodation or a sustainable, environment friendly events to my readers in an earthy and experiential way – with a focus on soulful local experiences and organic travels.

I offer blog posts, personalising my experiences, suggestions, Life advices, practical tips, short video travelogues and post-travel giveaways.

: ँ :

“On an artist fellowship in Cambodia during 14th AngkorWat Festival, i was asked to work on any story.

So I rented a bicycle; and started recording songs of the people in the Cambodian Countryside, revealing something surprising to myself by the time i finished working on the “SINGGSONG’.

Please find SINGSONG and see the world that “the father with the golden voice of Cambodia” created. and got murdered for”

: ँ :


I. If you find yourself interested in observing life or are inclined towards understanding your ways of seeing-  and want to see your observations transforming into an enriching skill-i give personal and public image making workshops on invitations.

for further information you can find more on my Ethnographic-photo studysite

II. I receive many emails asking for guidance, recommendations and for many other travel tips.

As my love and domain area is South Asia; particularly the Greater Himalayas, the Karakoram Range, Rural Asian countryside, where i have travelled extensively for work as an educator/teacher and documentary photographer on assignments for Publications and Social Work Organisations.

If you are planning to travel in India for a longer period, want guidance to stay in a Himalayan Village with a local family, looking to live on a boat and row it yourself in Kashmir, want to farm, or travel in the rural villages to witness a local wedding or a traditional folklore through folk dance and storytelling, my team and I will be happy to guide, share our resources and help you build an itinerary.

III. Yog, Sanskritam and Ayurveda are an inseparable part of each other. Last few years there were people who wrote to me asking to help them with places that can provide medical services while living in nature.

Medical Tourism is a fast growing sector in India, and i was blessed to be in contact with my teacher who taught me the ancient Indian way of neurotherapy and similar ways of healing that have come to the fore helping innumerable people who seek it otherwise, around the world, providing them with state of the art facilities in competitive prices with accommodation alongside getting in touch with ancient practitioners of Yog.

Things are going to be changes in the post pandemic world. And we are going be as vulnerable as ever. But if you are seeking to travel in India for Humanitarian or Healthcare purposes. Do write. We will do our best to guide you.

: ँ :

India is the oldest living civilisation on earth. It is as advanced as it is ancient. In my travels for over a decade i met numerous travellers on spiritual quest trying to find the right teacher/guru; trying to reach a place where seeking peace becomes a way of breathing. Well, for a few ones do. but many find themselves trapped too.

India is not only a place to travel but an opportunity to come one on one with yourself. Like a mirror to the soul.

If you are looking for places to practice homa(the ancient fire ritual), want to learn about the ancient practices for mind and body, or are looking to travel to places that provide you above all with teachers whom i have learnt from for years myself. Please write to me a detailed mail at :

: ँ :

As a professional Filmmaker and culture blogger, I will charge a blogging fee to compensate for my time and effort. For guiding and informative services, To create a new campaign, advertisements, videos, an essay or help you with creating innovative ideas or to join an ongoing body of work, you can contact me at :

And If you want to collaborate, travel, have ideas to discuss your travel initiatives. please email me at

“Times have changed beyond anyone’s control. While i share my experiences through my blog, photographs and writing. I work towards building a world that is not only connected but grows healthily together as well. I aim to motivate people to not only travel but in doing so find their way back home; home that resides in breath; home that is soul, and that if only you believe in one.

Above all, whosoever i work with, get connected to, I would like them, my readers and brands to embrace a green, sustainable and organic way of living.

For stories that take to regional world’s, find them here at Road to Nara : narxtara


I was travelling to a tribal village in Gujrat from Barmer, to attend a rural wedding -for “Rural Asian Wedding Project”, i was tired.

When we reached thinking people from the other side will be ready to receive the groom, we would eat and sit, there came no one outside the village gate as was decided. Even though it was still dark but birds have woken up. As we walked further we saw large red coloured tent’s roof flapping heavily and under it every body was sleeping like bodies wrapped in white. The groom stood in awe and we as numerous fans revolved noisily.



  1. Foi com intensidade e alegria que nadei aqui neste site, neste blog , bem hajas por compartilhar a tua alma e os valores da mãe índia que eu tanto prezo e por quem me apaixonei desde que me conheço como ser humano

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    • Not sure if it is as accurate but i feel you, let me translate it for myself and i will let the words sleep here for whenever and anyone who might come and hear you.

      “It was with intensity and joy that I swam here on this site, on this blog, well so much gratitude for sharing your soul and the values ​​of the Indian mother that I cherish so much and with whom I fell in love since I met as a human being.”

      Jorge, you are beautiful. Hope you, me and the world can travel again as much as whenever and wherever they wish. Do write when you’ll start making plans. Love from India.

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  2. And India in itself is a journey about self discovery. Finally a site where I can actually talk about my travels which are not just to “exotic” countries. Ever since Corona I have decided to limit my travels and explorations to India for the next few years especially Uttarakhand since many of its places are still untouched and the raw beauty is still alive.
    Glad I came by your site!


    • Our’s is too exotic to be looked over, too varied and too mysterious to get done with in hurry. Personally as an Indologist, it has been my only study and my love. And Uttarakhand, i have been fortunate to spend one month every year since in winters since 2016, roaming and working in the beautiful Mandakini River Valley. Yet so much remains still.
      My pleasure too dear Vanya, having you as company here is as good a blessing. My Regards.

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      • Couldn’t agree more. It most certainly is an enigma and to get done with it in a short span of time definitely doesn’t do it justice. And I am glad you have visited the Mandakini Valley but there is so, so much left unexplored in those villages and hamlets, those nooks and crannies that sometimes I feel like leaving the towns and cities and choose those hills as my permanent abode.
        Mine too. It’s always a blessing to meet a fellow traveller in this journey of life.

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        • i lived in Basu Kedar for a few months on my thesis there, so much so in those days i never touched the main highway but only saw it from higher mountains going to different villages. Now when digital connectivity is their, it for once is actually possible. Things are getting better. And when natives like you are around, i am certain future is going to shine.


  3. You have such an extraordinary vision. I just watched the little video here and You touched my heart deeply. Thank You for what You’re doing! 💕

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  4. Anonymous says

    Thank you for what you are doing. I am honored that you liked Meditation #14. I will revisit it now.I look forward to receiving your posts.

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  5. I have visited small bits of India a number of times and always loved it there. Also Nepal and Tibet. I am retired now and not able to travel due to disability etc but most of my fondest memories are of that part of the world. I consider myself blessed that I was able to go there. I wish you peace and love on your journey. In what you write I feel gentleness and kindness that we so badly need.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel it when you write it Mr. Smith. Thank you. And my well wishes will reach you as much where ever you are. I also hope you a very healthy and contented coming time. Thank you so much for your words here.


    • Yeti, i was going through my page and re-read these words from you. So heart warming. Thank you so much. And you know if you do not happen to come, i wish someday to visit you at home. Someday! I hope things are very well with you and arriving autumn has made you happy.

      Friend, Narayan x


  6. Hello Narayan! I hope this finds You well! I just read Your school project and as there is no comment box there, came back here to tell You how much I enjoyed it. What an extraordinary mother You have! And what an amazing, Loving community of people You All are to have created the school! I am absolutely blown away! Smiling so very big! Angels, All!!! Sending huge hugs Your way! So happy You and Yours are on the planet!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼💕😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Forrester, cant tell you how beautifully your message has found me. Ma was really happy when i read that to her, like really forrester, she smiled with a broad smile, turned and walked back quietly in the kitchen smiling. And i do not know how you reached here, what made you read this page out, because almost none has, but Yes, it is her, all and all, her blessing and her grit to inspire, and cultivate a nature of giving; be it in terms of education or making things possible for the women of all ages, skilling them with numerous ways like sewing, beautitian, painting on cloth and making recycled sculptures of paper and mud, without government or any private help. I think more than me or anyone, it was her personal fight with what she got; this place is amongst the most underprivileged area in Delhi.

      Accepting whole heartedly your love and hugs. So happy to have you in this journey and for this beautiful message again.

      So much Love

      Liked by 1 person

      • OH GOSH, Narayan! You just gifted the HUGEST smile! I’m so happy You read my comment to Your beautiful Mother and that it made her smile! Both she and You are an absolute inspiration to me and to so many others as well, I’m sure. Your school project page was such a happy discovery! I came to visit Your blog and sometimes when there is no new post I just look at Your menu up top and randomly pick something. The day I read this I was lucky to have happened upon it!!! I hope more people read it as it’s a profound lesson in joyfully giving/sharing/growing whatever we have. My heart is so full right now. Please tell Your Mother I said hello and I am sending so Much Love right back to You, dear Narayan!!! ❤️!


        • A pleasure dear Forrester to hear you, and every time, on this collective journey you are jewel to me. As i must find time i will try to be including of some stories about Ma and her working with women and children in the community, her experiences altogether. For us children sometimes it becomes a daily landscape and one may always overlook, yet once and many a times i have sat observing her within me, things, experiences started speaking a lot more as my own seeing, intensely too.

          and, you know Forrester i had been going to your personal website which i found to be a mini wonderland of sorts, colors as always felt closer that they talk, or as if one can touch, had little complex time to completely understand some sentences, probably it is partially in Spanish? I love your forms, colors, stories, they are a wonder that you are webbing, or may be you are.

          Love to you

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ah! What a complete joy to hear! I so look forward to anything more You write about Your beautiful Mother and the lovely children/people of Your community!!! That will be wonderful!!!

            Thank You so very much for all the time You spend on my site…looking at my art/words! What a sweet honour! I’m so happyYou see it as a “wonderland of sorts…” You just gifted a huge smile. And You know, I write mostly in English…but I’m pretty silly and sometimes make up words and will at times slide words from other languages in randomly…not that I know any other languages. Embarrassingly! 🤣 But I do have a little Spanish so I just might have done that. I can’t ever remember what I’ve written. 🤣

            I hope You and Yours are having a most wonderful day!!! Sending lots of Love back Your way! 🤗❤️😊

            Liked by 1 person

            • We all the trying our best to remember having wonderful days. Even though children are dying to come out of their homes and even majority are refreshed to an extent to join the school back but its pretty much helplessness of everyone, no one knows just doing praying no one brings the virus home 🙂

              Love to you

              Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah….it’s really, REALLY odd, crazy times right now. I cannot even wrap my brain around this virus and pray it GOES SOOON!!! Everyone I know has just about had it. I think there is going to a world party and crazy amounts of hugging when at last it is GONE! So much Love to You as well, Narayan! Hang in there!!! 💖💖💖


  7. I went through your blog and was at once intrigued and entranced. I find your journeys and chronicling fascinating. As a student of Environmental Communication, I am trying to find the value behind many of our cultural practices. In absolute awe!!!


    • Thank you so much. I feel pleased and happy to read how you felt and sailed through the blog posts. The value being our cultural practices lies in our surrender and in our prayers to everything that is visible and invisible born in and out of this land.

      Thank you so much again Shreelekha. Heartily, means so much.

      Nara x

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