Month: October 2019

Ways to Grow

A checklist to get you started—you can either do the same thing or a different thing… More of the same Persist Get the word out Doing something different Change an element of what you do Raise your prices Lower your prices Make it better Tell a different story Serve a different customer Enter a new segment Change the downstream effects of your work Earn trust Make bigger promises Organize Get better clients Do work that matters to someone

Day 6

Day 6 I called Vandy again, out of love. To show our solidarity, that school is behind you, that we are with her in this hour of anxiety and need. We had already planned couple of prayers for her and a few things that might have helped her. But some things hit you like a sweet surprise that can only be expressed in a dismissive laugh. It was Vandy who had been thinking that it could be Blood Cancer that might have reacher her lungs but it was in her f imagination !! Nothing’s proven, no such reports have come out, its just that she thought it could be so. So, as of now it pleasingly relieving to hear something like that. I read and wrote the points down all noon and evening. It is giving a sinking feeling one day after other as i am walking towards somewhere i have never walked. I hope i am able to create something of value. I will be meeting Abhishek tomorrow and i hope i get him …

Get a team

Day 5 It is quiet possible that how you feel in the first hour of the day, it remains there, all day long, or it may even slide further down. I am back at being the driver of the horse of the family. During the undesired journey, a news arrived. Vandy got diagonsed with Blood Cancer. I resumed working on The Capital, Ramchandra Guha’s book on Environment was such a bore that i want my time back and then want my money 129/- back. I went back to the other book and started making notes. Its hard to do things alone. Get a team. You can at least be sad together about the day. Lets run tomorrow.

The day of Zero, point one.

Lets start it : The Capital First two days have gone in structuring the script and finishing two, at least one anthology amongst them; a mahabharata in its own way; Ardor by Roberto Calasso and the other one by a Jewish writer. I have written to my friend Meera; as i am discovering i may need somebody who can at least take some weight, may be emotional off me to see it through once i pass off the first draft. Also i trust her with speed and language. if she can help in structuring the Script with me even its not just a long way but lacs of words away from where we are; yet for the first time in last one year that i am the strongest in feeling this script and this time, that it is the time to go. And now when its less than 35 days to go. I would like to start shooting it by 10th November. Day 3 I at last finished reading Sapiens going after it whole day …