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Teachers Day at school

Dawn 12
7:50 AM
New Delhi

Teachers day is somehow another Mother’s Day. Mother is our first teacher. First person who taught us love, and taught us how and what to eat.

It was a good day at school. Children had come feeling new. They had come with look alike dresses of teachers. Its fifth class’s last year at school. Children grow at a rate of a rocket going to space. Its a shame we don’t have enough space to add at least three more classes. School till VIIIth helps children to get their minds better in shape and likewise also gives a chance to see and learn with the same children till they hit puberty; an important period for children emotionally, mentally and physically. It also gives us a chance to talk on varied subjects and open them up to the world unlike children who leave a school who is only till Fifth.

Many a times parents had come requesting if the same can happen, if school can add only three more classes, as even for them it is a struggle to find a new school.

But to tell you the truth it has been a very hard journey for the three of us to sustain this lifestyle of work. We had to change our place of stay as government then decided to have a certain type of space for a proper school premises. We had to leave that place and find a home. We have a home but ask mother, she is still finding her home. Father travels 60 kilometres each day to his school. And I divide my time in morning going to school and afternoon onwards working on my personal projects. So it has been a journey for past 12 years to say the least.

But it is too satisfying. I have been raised amongst the best teachers I could have asked from the mother grace. Yet as the new world takes over, there has to come a new, better, evolved and involving way of teaching. There are many new things to be introduced for the children, and for that many new minds with curious and inventory hearts are needed.

Happy Teachers Day

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