Bruce Lee, Life at School
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A Digital mind

The world has long gone past finding comfort for humans. Comfort seems secondary. They might only say it has only started. Facebook and Google will leave no stone unturned to get even the last human trying to hide in his cave to get connected with the world.

The momentum of the world trade and news constantly travelling is like making too much noise standing. Iam certain now that the race is not to find god but to become formless while living. One can argue, we are our own god and only us can stop ourselves from doing or not doing.

In doing they might have exceeded their own expectations but every achievement is not the end of the story. The story keeps becoming. It is neverending. It merely adds another layer of truth, another variation of the result.

How ever much our minds become digital, we are still a long way to forget our mothers.

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Hi, I am Narayan Kaudinya. And i welcome you on this journey, the Road to Nara ! I am an Ethnographer and a practicing Indologist. I did my masters in History and further learnt Sanskrit, Yoga and Nerve-therapy. At 24, pushing most academic sounding, office sitting works away, i felt compelled to know and understand the world and my country, Bharat/India. I travelled, and as it happened i took up teaching in Kashmir and further up in the remote villages of Baltistan in the foothills of Karakoram Ranges. For around three years and many states later there came a time when i felt that it was only while teaching i learnt how to laugh, to see, feel, breathe, love and cry -with children, and mostly resource-less parents in the harshest-freezing border conditions. I write, and work as a documentary photographer and Filmmaker, with numerous published, exhibited and some awarded stories. In my travels and life i have let nature lead me, the divine mother, and as a Yogin, my resolve here is to share my experiences and thoughts as honestly, and through them to blossom in everyone the power and possibility in pursuing your breath, that you seek your true nature with courage and curiosity. Here, on this road i will share my spirit, my love for nature, the elements of life that are us. And in doing so, i'll be happy to see you along.


  1. The danger is hidden in the acceptance that ‘everybody is doing it’. It corrupts, it robs the uses of their individual stand by setting the way of behaviour by the ‘influencers’. A report by the Royal Society for Public Health found that for young people, Instagram is the social media site that is worst for mental health and most addictive. It stands to reason, that the self-obsession which it promotes, will lead not only to forgetting our mothers but also not knowing in the long run, who we are.


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    • Absolutely, and this kind of danger is that super sweet virus. Just like a marshmallow test for children.

      Have started loathing it myself Joanna, its quiet simple to see collision of so many vulnerable, almost many minded individuals meeting on platforms vomiting. Some could be good but the aftertaste is nothing more than a vomit. The new digital mind is actually a mix of that.

      No no, its better to blind fold yourself than to ever present a chance ever, to forget my many mothers in my lifetime.


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