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The day was Tantra

Dawn 7
New Delhi

The day was Tantra. But first of all what did you feel when you read this word? Were you uncomfortable? Does the sound of it makes you uneasy? You should tell me. Because if you only know what does Tantra mean?

I have grown knowing Tantra in two forms that came from two masters. The first one was an elderly, who poured his grace for weeks that I could spend in his space. He talked in Sanskrit and Hindi. And he introduced me to the simpler, easier to understand form of Tantra. Probably because he must have grown infinitely from within simplifying aspects of life. He said one morning as we sat facing each other after the concluding worshiping fire. He said tan is body and tra is rhythm. It is only a practise of rhythm of the body. And thus he simplified mantra and yantra. The other two forms of sciences that were prevalent in pre Vedic times. Mantra being rhythm of the mind and Yantra being rhythm of the tool or the machine, for example a temple is a tool between body and the super consciousness. Like body is a tool for the mind.

My second master was young and came from south. More than a master he was a friend and never expected any greetings or usual Indian norms of respect. He once said that tantra is expanding and it is liberating.

There are such aspects of Tantra that I must take up to share with you but I shall spare a different elaborated post for it. I am sure you will not only like it but also connect with it.

Seeing children at school today was an exhilarating experience. Seeing their energy, was motivating. But as one grows Innocence takes a toll and in most eventually gets lost in the race of competitions. Hearing all the ideas and dreams that a child sees in the future idea of his country was exhilerating on the Independence Day. I talked with them about the meaning of freedom. Not in the literal sense because it does not matter in that way anymore. Because Freedom is also personal and only if you find your individual self free from negative thoughts and likewise, then only you can feel true freedom. Freedom to question and freedom to just be is slowly becoming a fight. In an extremely free world, we have closed ourselves as much. Freedom means different to different age groups, phases in people’s lives or in an organisation. It is known that who has progressed has been because his ability to adapting to different situations increased and adaptability gave insight and slowly foresight. Hearing teachers and students was a warming experience. These kind of debates change and challenge children. These kind of days prepare them and make them strong quietly.

But coming back to tantra before I sign off. Breaths need to deepen. Dairy and dairy products need to be shunned. New words and newer experiences should enter. Dhyana or meditation time should become a priority. Bathe with cold water and sit. Open your third eye, inwards.

Shubham Mangalam

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Hello, My name is Narayan. I am a teacher and an Ethnographer. After college i opted for teaching in far away villages of the Himalayas and later in Central rural India. And gradually as I wandered along the local streams and rivers, unending fields i learnt not only about myself but India and what is it to be Indian, living with various families throughout India. And to tell you, there is nothing more than a smile and an effort to make their children lives better that makes them happy. I have been independently working as a writer, photographer and filmmaker. For past many years I have been travelling the Indian subcontinent teaching and extensively documenting rural and her communities. Learning and understanding culture, communication and various ways of human mind and body. I am a student of History and did my masters in it. And later studied Sanskrit. When you realise the alignment of your spirit with the world around you, winds take you to places in the Himalayas, where you learn the ancient Yogic way of nerve healing, I can't really know myself but since then all the above mentioned things altogether has helped me generously to enter homes for shelter and food in the night. I come back to Delhi. Here mother and I run a small school for children.

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