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Arrival of Maharaj

Threads of cotton. Some new event had to happen. A long day in motion. Paris. Not patparganj but Indirapuram came. Maharaj wore mehroon clothes and did not open his eyes till the time food arrived. He said nothing. He asked nothing. He saw nothing. He just sat with his eyes closed. But the moment food arrived he started singing the songs of Krishna. It was an auspicious day. Mother was waiting. For moon. She will eat but then she will be looking at the stars first. Instead Rain came. And I left home for many days to come.

Play a sport

Many a times when body starts feeling the temperature, it starts affecting every other small action, as simple as interaction. But there is one thing that has worked for me since my teenage years. Every time I felt tired or exhausted. When body felt like breaking up, lethargy, uneasiness or just plainly feeling low crept up. I always called up a friend and played a sport. Probably sweating it out, screaming, shouting and expressing every other emotion that comes with it. I learnt playing Table tennis only a few years ago and since then it has only added dimensions the way my body reacts while moving, watching the spin of the ball, or the moment when you know it has to be smashed. It has always been an exciting mix of playing serves with different arms of various nationalities and minds. It has made conversations start and built observations. It is as good as chess and as fast as instinct. I lost four games out of seven today but by the time it ended, my …

Shoes and the Sage

I arrived home. Home is wherever is mother. I arrived home after forty four days. When I left, I only wanted to buy shoes. I even spent a good second half of the day in trying to get closer to what my wandering feet wanted. I had bought a pair of black trekking shoes in early August but even though there is nothing as such like over-walking in the mountains, but by the time I finished my journey they seemed done. Any ways I could not find new shoes and left India with the same black ones. I traveled around Thailand and more so in Cambodia. I came back to Kolkata and while spending my ninth evening in Kashi on Chausathi Ghat I met an old man whom I felt kept looking at my black shoes. As I followed his gaze and later his worn out feet. I walked up to him and said, winters are here and so is Kumbh. He smiled. These forty days were exhausting and exhilarating. Travelling and experiencing newer yet …