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7 Strange Truths I have Accepted About Myself to Find Peace in Life

I guess as one grows older, there is a part that gradually starts accepting oneself. And if you have a mindset towards movement, you also start enjoying your company. But growing up, Parents, colleagues, compeers mostly found me strange because even in college I mostly opted for peace over party.

And it didn’t take me long before finding out that I really don’t have to have a company outside of my own. And then the whole game turned towards becoming the best company to myself. My camera in early days not just assisted but became my voice and so happened with my pen. Yet Life is a journey long enough to give you kicks and tastes while in my case keeping me grounded.

And lately, at the turn of the year, I thought of penning down some changes that I experience now after all these years. I hope these points help anyone who is on a journey unto oneself;

1. I have started staring at the top of Trees, often towards skies, Buildings, Birds and Animals, Walls or anywhere distracting myself to look away from People.

2. I love my world of Imagination. It could also be procrastination or perhaps I am at the edge of it. But I feel immense Joy when I specifically take out time for a long walk, to talk to myself.

3. I struggle a lot in my work. And it has come to a point that I find peace in this struggle more often than not.

4. I leave any group if I find myself incompatible with the thinking of the people in it. I no more drag. I take decisions fast.

5. I cannot compromise on self-respect.

6. I still find it uncomfortable to follow the Rules. Rather It is I who make them.

7. In Silence, I am always Happy and in Peace. I need nothing else.

These were some simple truths, as I’m a simple man. I don’t need much. I think that success is having fun. And when I’m having fun with words, images and bit of travelling, I’m happy. And If I can make a little money on the side doing it, I’m really happy.

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Hi, I am Narayan Kaudinya. And i welcome you on this journey, the Road to Nara ! I am an Ethnographer and a practicing Indologist. I did my masters in History and further learnt Sanskrit, Yoga and Nerve-therapy. At 24, pushing most academic sounding, office sitting works away, i felt compelled to know and understand the world and my country, Bharat/India. I travelled, and as it happened i took up teaching in Kashmir and further up in the remote villages of Baltistan in the foothills of Karakoram Ranges. For around three years and many states later there came a time when i felt that it was only while teaching i learnt how to laugh, to see, feel, breathe, love and cry -with children, and mostly resource-less parents in the harshest-freezing border conditions. I write, and work as a documentary photographer and Filmmaker, with numerous published, exhibited and some awarded stories. In my travels and life i have let nature lead me, the divine mother, and as a Yogin, my resolve here is to share my experiences and thoughts as honestly, and through them to blossom in everyone the power and possibility in pursuing your breath, that you seek your true nature with courage and curiosity. Here, on this road i will share my spirit, my love for nature, the elements of life that are us. And in doing so, i'll be happy to see you along.


  1. You are happy soul. Today again, I said no to an invitation I was not comfortable with. I struggled initially thinking of causing discomfort to others, but finally used the super power of ‘no’. To have found the ability to understand self, is the greatest gift of life. As I am writing this out ,I realize how much of a loner I am and have been but there are times when I seek company and don’t know how to go about it!!!

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  2. I like that you resist The Rules! I always used to say that rules were made to be broken, or bent at least. Rules are for people who have no personal discipline. To me self discipline is the most important. We are responsible for our selves, for our well being. One should never be in a situation that makes you uncomfortable and you should never compromise your personal ethics. I think it is easier for one who is happy in solitude (I am too) but many need company and I think that is where sometimes they make concessions. The Human Race is indeed complicated. People need to step back periodically and look beyond, as you do. There is so much wonder in our Natural world. As you continue your journey you will meet many people and I think they will remember you. Bless you, Nara. I wish you well always.


    • Caro, I learn from your words, and rules, as you also know play a good role but once we start finding our feet, it is important to grow over and it happens. rules get broken without our wanting to or knowing it.

      Your blessing will reside here with me for as long Caro, Thank you.


  3. It takes courage to design a life that fills your heart when it is different from the culture you are immersed in. I really liked what you wrote about staring at the top of the tree. I always find my peace outside trees are amazing listeners.☮️


  4. And it didn’t take me long before finding out that I really don’t have to have a company outside of my own. And then the whole game turned towards.
    becoming the best company to myself. 👌👌

    Sir ji, That’s where your heart earned a great wealth of knowledge to spread the good to the world, whenver I visit I deeply get inspired by your knowledge 🙏❣


    • Suma, you are missed. I hope you are sailing well and strongly, dearest. Your words always arrive like early winds of monsoon. Love and regards to you.


      • Vice versa, inspiring human like you always in my heart n thoughts Sir. Loads of thanks n loves for the sweet response. Respects always 😇


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  7. Narayan’s today essay about 7 truths that when accepted will lead to happiness is as always memorable, and attracts attention, judging by the speed of many responses.
    It is lucky that Narayan is hugely talented and can express his ideas with his camera as well as his pen, and we remember this from his documentaries where his pictures told the story as powerfully as his narrative.
    Today’s article provides a template for those who are seeking self-understanding and is written in a clear, precise, and illuminating way.

    In Point 1, Narayan goes back to ancient times’ advice, followed by Professor Hawkins’s last message; look to the sky and not under your feet as you will find inspiration and affinity with nature and the universe.

    Point 2 – the power of imagination is acknowledged by any greats, with one
    observing wittily – talk to yourself, it could be the only intelligent conversation you have that day.

    Point 3 – this one is immensely helpful as we all struggle in our lives with work and accepting and even embracing this will make life much easier.

    Point 4 Not staying in a group of people with that you have no intellectual or emotional connection is vital as it would only harm us, and it is important to move on and fast.

    Point 5 – One of the importance of retaining self-respect.

    Point 6 – Again, many greats advised that rules are to be broken when they are unreasonable or unjust. Act with your heart and not out of fear.

    Point 7 – Silence is the requisition of wisdom; Gandhi said unless you can
    vastly improve, chose silence over spoken words. Silence is especially important to a writer as it alloves the thoughts and ideas to develop in his mind.
    As to peace – we wish each other at the beginning of the new year to have
    peace and happiness.
    This post, Narayan, shows that you are traveling on the right path, as a great writer must be able to create a philosophical background to his work as you have done admirably well today.
    I wish that you continue your travels and write as memorable and absorbing work that will one day form a book that will bring your beloved country, India to worldwide recognition and attention, and that will make us, your readers
    happy too.


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    • Dear Joanna, your love for India and constant support for each post out on “Road to Nara” are equally brilliant n beautiful as his powereful writings. You are one among the great inspirations I notice on WP. Loves respects to you ❣🙏🙏


    • Thank you dear Joanna. Your words work like no one else’s like you are the gift any soul needs. I will make sure to stand this ground that you have been feeding like your own
      . ☮️


      • I am with you, dear Narayan, on this journey, all the way to the top!

        India needs you! And the world needs inspiring, unique, and passionately driven writers, like you, Narayan!



  8. PS. Thank you, Narayan, for your perfect for this post. picture of you looking and meditating in the Himalayas. The one you called yourself Mowgli, on account of not cutting your hair. It happens to be one of my favorites.



  9. I love your lessons learned this year Nara! Thank you for sharing them with us. I can so relate to what you are saying and our pens and cameras being our gifts to self and introspection. Life is precious and as we continue on our journey, nothing is more important than enjoying our own company and taking our time to savor the moments shared in reflection, meditation or loved ones. And to run like hell from those that don’t serve us anymore.. lol

    And might this be the truest, most challenging and needed of them all!
    3. I find peace in this struggle more often than not.

    Blessings of love to you my friend! 💞


  10. Narayan, I think all of us need solitude. Some need just a little solitude. Thoughtful, creative people may need a great deal!

    I found this post very relatable. Robert and I live a very quiet life and enjoy each other’s company, but we are careful to give each other the space we need.

    I am not much of a party person. It takes my energy away. I know some people are very social and enjoy small talk. They gain energy from socializing with people on a very superficial level.

    You have learned what you need to be fulfilled and happy in life, and you are wise to live that way. Why waste your energy and intellect on frivolous pursuits, especially if they don’t bring you joy?

    You spend much of yourself for the betterment of others, traveling, teaching, and writing. To serve others, you need to feed your soul. No regrets,

    I will share with you how my late husband’s grandmother, who lived to be 102 and was beloved by everyone, used to say goodbye. “May all of your dreams and wishes come true!” ❤


  11. Narayan, The God Who Is does not wish for anyone to go to hell, but as a British author said, “All that are in hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. To those who knock it is opened.” (C.S. Lewis)
    The making of our own rules was what caused sin to enter our world through our ancestors, Adam and Eve, when they believed The Lie, “that you will be like God;” i.e., makers of our own rules.
    I sincerely hope to see you in Heaven when this life is over, but the only way there is through faith in Jesus, the Christ (Anointed One, Messiah, God-With-Us).
    “This is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” (John 17:3)
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


  12. nice one my friend! as for me, one of the things i’ve changed in the twilight of my years is that now, i no onger fel bad for things I do not have, but am instead grateful for the things that I have. happy new year, dear one!


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