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A Diwali wish

Diwali is a festival of light, because each one of us is that light. For this is about our inner evolution and so we spread awareness to uplift the human spirit. Today as the world goes through a transition, it is all the more important and needed to create festivity around us, to rejoice in the wisdom and knowledge that our spirit is eternal and invincible.

Invincible is what we must remember.

Hence, on this day I wish that your each moment, each action, each cell brings light and joy that we always feel is our true right.

A very happy Diwali to everyone, and especially you, my family here on this collective journey on the Road to Nara.

: ँ :

Cover Image : Nainsukh, women with lanterns and fireworks celebrating Diwali. ca 1760 – 1763. Guller, India.

If today is the first time you have arrived on The Road to Nara, you are heartily welcome ~ Namaste

And I will take this opportunity to introduce you to About me and importantly;

As a Traveller, my lessons from ten years on the Road before you coarse on your own Road to Nara or come along becoming a part of this ever growing family.

 : ँ :

To follow my walks through the rural Indian Subcontinent, find me at 
Narxtara | Road to Nara | Narayan Kaudinya

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Hi, I am Narayan Kaudinya. And i welcome you on this journey, the Road to Nara ! I am an Ethnographer and a practicing Indologist. I did my masters in History and further learnt Sanskrit, Yoga and Nerve-therapy. At 24, pushing most academic sounding, office sitting works away, i felt compelled to know and understand the world and my country, Bharat/India. I travelled, and as it happened i took up teaching in Kashmir and further up in the remote villages of Baltistan in the foothills of Karakoram Ranges. For around three years and many states later there came a time when i felt that it was only while teaching i learnt how to laugh, to see, feel, breathe, love and cry -with children, and mostly resource-less parents in the harshest-freezing border conditions. I write, and work as a documentary photographer and Filmmaker, with numerous published, exhibited and some awarded stories. In my travels and life i have let nature lead me, the divine mother, and as a Yogin, my resolve here is to share my experiences and thoughts as honestly, and through them to blossom in everyone the power and possibility in pursuing your breath, that you seek your true nature with courage and curiosity. Here, on this road i will share my spirit, my love for nature, the elements of life that are us. And in doing so, i'll be happy to see you along.


  1. Thank you, Narayan, for your encouragement not to lose hope, but pull together in our efforts to save the Earth for everyone who shares this beautiful planet with us. Festival of light is a wonderful way to start working towards that goal.


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    • Dear Joanna, apologies for returning your heart felt wishes. It is only today i could sit with time in my hand and write to you. Diwali was a happy time. People, children, hawkers, street vendors, everybody seemed happy after two years of dull nothingness.

      Yes, festival of light is where we should start to rebuild that consciousness.
      Thank you.

      Narayan x

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  2. Happy Diwali Narayan, let all that you wish for others, be yours too and in plenty. This is the nicest Diwali post I’ve read today. Thank you.

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  3. KK says

    Wish you a very happy Diwali to you and your family, Narayan ji 🪔🪔🪔


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  5. As the daylight shortens here in the northern hemisphere it is the inner light that will maintain us. Happy Diwali, Narayan 🙋‍♂️

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    • Thank you dear Ashley. Apologies for this late return wishes.
      Diwali was a good time with family and to see everyone happy around after two years of dullness. It was happy to see children happy and making noise.

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  6. Unfortunately many will follow many “lights” that will lead to darkness in the end. There is one Light of the world, Jesus who is God-Become-Man. He, in turn, lights our hearts and tells us “You are the light of the world,” but it must originate with Him.
    See John 8:12, Matthew 5:14 .
    Of course, no one can force another to “see.” It must come from the light of the Holy Spirit of God; otherwise, people continue in their darkness, being deceived.
    See 2 Corinthians 4:4.

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    • Thank you Ka. Apologies for this late return wishes.
      Diwali was a good time with family and to see everyone happy around after two years of quietude. It was happy to see children happy and making noise.

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      • Any time people share love, and especially within families, The God Who Is comes very close and it is an opportunity to experience the Love of God. However, without knowing who He is, the celebration will be muted compared to what Father intends us to enjoy. Certainly, after two years of pandemic loneliness, those who felt isolated should rejoice with family. 😊


    • And just like Jesus followed his light when he travelled to India to see the spritual light of the world, it is here where the gates to heaven are. Come dear CA.

      Narayan x


      • We have no reliable record of Jesus ever traveling outside Israel at any time during his 33 years on earth. HE is the gate as He claimed: “Jesus again said to them, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. All who came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:7-10
        btw, my name is C.A., pronounced as the letters. 😉

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  7. Happy Diwali Dear Nara!
    You have a bright light and I am blessed you continue to share your insights and love with us. I know you are enjoying your family! 💖


  8. Happy Diwali to you Narayan. I saw several news clips here about people of the South Asian community celebrating Diwali here in Ontario. I love the idea of a festival of “light”.

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    • Dearest Hema,

      Thank you so much for writing this. Makes me delighted that you could connect with what and how i have managed to do few things.

      I will certainly share however places, people talk to me.

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  9. I enjoyed reading your article. We all should encourage one another. We all need to share the light that shines in us because of everything that has happened in this world. Stay safe.

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  10. I’m curious how widely practiced throughout India is this festival of light? Is it strictly a Hindu phenomenon?


    • Its a cultural Festival, Usfman, like Holi. And apart from India is celebrated in Sri Lanka, Thailand and other South-East Asian countries.

      Yes, its a Hindu festival and all India-origin religions like Jainism, Sikhism and to a good extent Buddhists celebrate it all across.

      And today the story because of which it started has become merely a symbolism of how good will win over evil. Light will prevail over Darkness.


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