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One two one and an Empty stomach


I got up little late. I didn’t know the reason exactly but I was lazing around for more than required. One thing that is changing me from inside is getting up and going for the bath. Its one of the most beautiful, mood changing, act changing thing that I have been constantly doing. One thing that still has to be attained is getting up at one time. Its mostly early but its irregular. I went out for the walk. I ran in between. I had to meet Swastika and Dhruv. Making sure that they get on board.

Noon arrived faster than anticipated. I met swastika at Khan. It was calming meeting her. She shared a lot and opened like a flower in monsoon. She confirmed she is in but talked soon spoke mostly her experiences. Did not ask anything of the film but of things of elsewhere. Even though she gave me a beautiful image with the children. There is an unknown risk with her but it also feels that she is the best I have right now with me. The kind of person Capital needs, who knows the city as well and still is curious enough to know more.

It was a fast day so I had to be creative in eating. There were couple of hunger attacks during late noon and in the night. I went to the the Juice shop where least number of people go. He has started recognizing my face. I asked him to make a banana shake without sugar and with very less milk. The moment I got ready I asked him to put pomegranates over it of ten rupees. I did twice and the feeling was as contented as a red apple. But here onwards I will deal with them in a better way. Probably drinking water is the best way to keep fasts. Four times a month.

I left home soon again towards the same direction. It couldn’t have been avoided as the circumstances became such. I was meeting Dhruv in the evening. A young guy looking like yesterdays manto without any particular interest or passion. I felt bored within 10 minutes and time seemed to be dragging after a while. Yet, may be he can be useful that is still to be seen. I will ask him to visit soon.

Tomorrow, I need to make the map and write what all do we need to achieve and go to. It’s the recce time and my curiosity has to go up. I must meet completely different people making scenes out of them. And first of all to actually sit down closing myself in the room for a day and finish writing the script and then talk, say, do anything.

End of third day
1130 hours.

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Hello, My name is Narayan. I am a teacher and an Ethnographer. After college i opted for teaching in far away villages of the Himalayas and later in Central rural India. And gradually as I wandered along the local streams and rivers, unending fields i learnt not only about myself but India and what is it to be Indian, living with various families throughout India. And to tell you, there is nothing more than a smile and an effort to make their children lives better that makes them happy. I have been independently working as a writer, photographer and filmmaker. For past many years I have been travelling the Indian subcontinent teaching and extensively documenting rural and her communities. Learning and understanding culture, communication and various ways of human mind and body. I am a student of History and did my masters in it. And later studied Sanskrit. When you realise the alignment of your spirit with the world around you, winds take you to places in the Himalayas, where you learn the ancient Yogic way of nerve healing, I can't really know myself but since then all the above mentioned things altogether has helped me generously to enter homes for shelter and food in the night. I come back to Delhi. Here mother and I run a small school for children.

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