Day: 28/01/2019

Sleep felt like sleeplessness. The sun was about to come when we began the fire today. Tarot was interesting today but I don’t remember if any concretization happened today as was predicted. We decorated the nine planets but birds, squirrels and more birds made it their personal food plates. We kept restoring it almost all day. I drew the yantra with saffron colour on the paper of the last tree of the mountains. It came out bad. Late noon we trekked to the temple to find cactuses and missing the white bulbs. We sat there long and looked at ourselves humming the sound of the universe. I took three white marbles and placed them such they turned holy. In the sky a rocket left a line of shooting stars. It bisected the wires over a field which had no lake but possessed it’s name. Hear well. And stop having sweet sweetie. It’s time.