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Towards Peace

Peace might not mean getting everyone else to do what you want them to do. Instead, it may involve understanding that people don’t always want what we want and don’t often believe in what we believe. Everyone has their own narrative and is struggling with their own fears. We can begin there. Most of the time, people want to be seen, understood and appreciated. And if we can offer someone dignity, we give them a gift that’s difficult to find.

Here or There

Those are golden days when in you a confusion appears. Of paths. Two. Not same but similar. You are free to go on either. You have time and you have the means. Both filled with just your kind of memory pleasures. You can even smell that fragrance of the past through your memory. To both the destinations journey is similar. Similar. Similar! Can a journey to similar sounding places be similar? It will be of highest essence to learn which road will take you closest to your end. Unless you haven’t seen your end and lived it inside you several times before, you might only reach half way and feel satisfied. Because it is only you who will determine it for yourself, others will take part, some will show the way. Many shall distract. The end determines the journey more if not as much the process itself.

When you rest, you rust.

Dawn 11 12:43 AM New Delhi “When you Rest, you Rust.”  Read this somewhere today. I remembered my father who said, “for an artist resting is changing of attention.” With a new room, new plants have arrived. Fresher air and a few birds. Nights make you feel about days that sprint by like breathing. Unaware of its passing. There is no time to rest. The battle to the bottom is fierce and when you are at war with oneself, to work for yourself. To be able to stay put just like you had thought. But to work like you have no boss, your find has to be to find a better boss. Do not rest, just sleep for a while. Breathe deep.