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The Play of Tendencies

There are many layers under our skin. Cells that live with us and leave us without even letting us know, doing their work quietly. Taking all the time of their own in becoming and unbecoming, as they slowly settle into a tendency. We become our tendencies. Repetition of gestures become life long habits. As simple as acquiring the taste of sugar. For some, Coffee in the morning is a habit. Like buying bottled(plastic) water, but it wasn’t used to be. Making a habit is a lot easier than breaking one (ask a smoker), you can live on old habits for a while, but the future seemingly depends on finding and building some new ones with (and for) your people. Or your family. Or yourself. As soon as something useless starts becoming a norm for the body; this mind should be taught a lesson. Every becoming habit should be tested in its phase of tendency. One must shock it, confront it. We should oppose ourselves, resist our actions, question and be strict with ourselves. Because, undoubtedly …

Being the Light

People in general have been generous with us through the years. A doctor who took the time to understand our pain. A server who didn’t hesitate and brought to us what we needed before we even knew we needed it. A client who gave us a project at just the right time. Gifts create connection and possibility, but not all gifts have monetary value. In fact, some of the most important gifts involve time, effort and care instead. Money was invented long after humans arrived on the scene, and commerce, as we have seen- cannot solve all problems. In this moment when we are disconnected and afraid, uncertain of the future, not only of us but of humanity altogether, the answer might not be a freebie. That might simply push us further apart. The answer might be showing and standing up to do the difficult work of smiling, connecting, of caring, of telling the other, I am and of extending ourselves where it’s not expected.

Growing together at 500 : A Return Gift

Big hello, To each one of you, fellow bloggers. It’s not even two complete months since i am writing continuously on ROAD TO NARA; and to see, to touch this milestone of having 500 close knit friends, comes as the most fulfilling feeling. Probably one of the happiest decisions i made to make it all public in these serious Covid Times. Each and every day has been overwhelming with the amount of comments, likes, stories that you expressed and poured out your love on the blog, through various questions, views, queries, praises, some beautiful surprises in mails that i have got and few friends that i have found on this journey. I am not only thankful but owe this day to you all. Knowing that it is only a start. And that the family should only grow. Few friends here suggested that ROAD TO NARA must have a Facebook presence outside of WordPress dedicated to the blog. So, here i thought of a declaration. Whomsoever reads this, you are heartily welcome to join on this …