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But Love, and Other Poems

Just for a moment,
sit down and be with yourself.

Close your eyes and think
how short is our life on earth.  

Is it worth fighting at all?
internally or externally!

In this short life span where time takes us on roller coasters,
would you like to be happy or ?

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.
Shoot the Mango!

Because its summers.

Because medical science has made such tremendous Progress,
said Huxley, that there is hardly a healthy human left.

Aren’t we all going to die, all of us,
that alone should make us love, but it hasn’t.

People are strange;

But Love
because that would mean total Acceptance

Of yourself.
along with all your weaknesses and Strengths.

But Love,
because hard things must be told simply.

But Love,
because the mind must be taught, to keep out of it. 

Else the mind will involve the Fate.
and the Fate, it is known controls only the weak.

But Love,
because it is the spirit of the strong.

and it is the strong who mould the Providence they want.

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Thank you.

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Hi, I am Narayan Kaudinya. And i welcome you on this journey, the Road to Nara ! I am an Ethnographer and a practicing Indologist. I did my masters in History and further learnt Sanskrit, Yoga and Nerve-therapy. At 24, pushing most academic sounding, office sitting works away, i felt compelled to know and understand the world and my country, Bharat/India. I travelled, and as it happened i took up teaching in Kashmir and further up in the remote villages of Baltistan in the foothills of Karakoram Ranges. For around three years and many states later there came a time when i felt that it was only while teaching i learnt how to laugh, to see, feel, breathe, love and cry -with children, and mostly resource-less parents in the harshest-freezing border conditions. I write, and work as a documentary photographer and Filmmaker, with numerous published, exhibited and some awarded stories. In my travels and life i have let nature lead me, the divine mother, and as a Yogin, my resolve here is to share my experiences and thoughts as honestly, and through them to blossom in everyone the power and possibility in pursuing your breath, that you seek your true nature with courage and curiosity. Here, on this road i will share my spirit, my love for nature, the elements of life that are us. And in doing so, i'll be happy to see you along.


  1. This venture into poetry is as successful, Narayan, as your writing has been. You raised important and poignant questions, and your answer – Love, is what humanity knew for millennia but has not always followed, The highest degree of medicine is Love.
    “Love is the only answer, regardless of the question,” said Dr Prem Jagyasi, and many sages, gurus, poets, and songwriters echo this conviction, as well as your readers.
    And I am wholly in agreement; it is Love that propels the world forward, not money, and that is why I love your poem, Narayan!
    Thank you, and we all would love more!

    Joanna x

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    • Dearest Joanna, I was just trying to say more in less words or may be how quietly I have been inspired by poets that I cannot not try making a few poems of meaning on my own. I tried and thanks to you who can tell me where I stand. Even if on a slippery surface I know you will help me to never fall. I will try more and you will know in the times to come.

      Absolutely, love is the answer my dearest.

      Thank you so much.


  2. And John the Apostle declared, “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. ” 1 John 4:8
    You are not far from the Kingdom of God, my friend, but note that just because God is love, this does not mean “love is God.” 😉
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    • Ashley, hope you have been good. Thanks for your warm and uplifting words. Was just trying out saying more in less words. Thanks again.


  3. This is lovely, Narayan. I had written something similar recently, but no so eloquently. Our time is short. We should seek to be worthy of the life given to us and to honour our planet.

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  4. KK says

    Wow! Great! Beautiful poems, Narayan ji with excellent thoughts. Beginning with love is certainly a nice beginning. Looking forward to more!

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  5. A gorgeous poem Dear Nara!~
    I love these lines in particular “Else the mind will involve the Fate.
    and the Fate, it is known controls only the weak.



  6. Because medical science has made such tremendous Progress,
    said Huxley, that there is hardly a healthy human left-😁 that is a good one!

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