Circus of Life, The Capital
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The day of Zero, point one.

Lets start it : The Capital

First two days have gone in structuring the script and finishing two, at least one anthology amongst them; a mahabharata in its own way; Ardor by Roberto Calasso and the other one by a Jewish writer. I have written to my friend Meera; as i am discovering i may need somebody who can at least take some weight, may be emotional off me to see it through once i pass off the first draft. Also i trust her with speed and language. if she can help in structuring the Script with me even its not just a long way but lacs of words away from where we are; yet for the first time in last one year that i am the strongest in feeling this script and this time, that it is the time to go. And now when its less than 35 days to go. I would like to start shooting it by 10th November.

Day 3

I at last finished reading Sapiens going after it whole day long, yesterday night. It was overwhelming by the time i was ending it in the night. Things that Scientists are doing at present is like walking on the rope tied to a mountain, living on the edge as they. Its just some another level of interest and creation that is not just amusing but while pushing the boundaries of humanity it is changing every other day how we are looking at lives and this world comprising of humans altogether. Its like not even wanting to be called as the god, humans have almost opened the doors to a world which is tasty and colorful.

Father touched sixty today. He may be younger as he has said several times. As my grandfather was not sure of the date either the year of his birth. But anyhow, finally its his retirement month as well so i have planned a few things. I must make a film. A surprise. But to make it all worse; he is excited about retirement and the party that will be organized. I started writing the content and designing his invitation card when one after the other he started declining the suggestions of simplicity and beauty, and went for a rainbow font. Finishing that i sat for buying couple of books to continue my research on The Capital. I bought it after reading the samples but books did not arrive on my kindle. Soon it became mind boggling for me. It took so much of my time thinking of the lapse, i kept deregistering and re-syncing it but many hours went by, i had to leave myself for a walk at 10 in the afternoon to breathe. It was sunny as if i was in leh, i came back and went to the gym may be after a year or more. And spent next one hour doing something. Seratonin made me so high that i started deciding of trying to go four days a week for next six months till the Movie goes to Post production.

My sister came with my 2 year old nephew and because he is so focused in his playing, everybody just starts imitating him. A pigeon has been warming two eggs for past three days in the balcony, in a plant pot. Mother has started speaking to her with herself, threatening her with taking the pot outside the premises as she is not able to breathe deep. The fellow pigeons keep coming shitting all over the clothes drying, making her feel an outsider in her balcony.

We celebrated a little, cut the fruit cake, Kanha showed many traits of his father, cried out a lot as much as he laughed. Its not easy to bear a child. Its a pretty long project.

Evening was beautiful in the ashram around Peacocks and the Bodhi tree. Wave like quiet. We came back home and the first thing i did was to check in again with a different account in my kindle and voila, i had my books ready to be read, for another marathon in next three days. Lets hope we only go steady, slowly but surely.

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Hello, My name is Narayan. I am a teacher and an Ethnographer. After college i opted for teaching in far away villages of the Himalayas and later in Central rural India. And gradually as I wandered along the local streams and rivers, unending fields i learnt not only about myself but India and what is it to be Indian, living with various families throughout India. And to tell you, there is nothing more than a smile and an effort to make their children lives better that makes them happy. I have been independently working as a writer, photographer and filmmaker. For past many years I have been travelling the Indian subcontinent teaching and extensively documenting rural and her communities. Learning and understanding culture, communication and various ways of human mind and body. I am a student of History and did my masters in it. And later studied Sanskrit. When you realise the alignment of your spirit with the world around you, winds take you to places in the Himalayas, where you learn the ancient Yogic way of nerve healing, I can't really know myself but since then all the above mentioned things altogether has helped me generously to enter homes for shelter and food in the night. I come back to Delhi. Here mother and I run a small school for children.

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