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Time, father

Dawn 8
August 30
7:14 AM

Father felt weak. He was ill and thought half of his left half was dying. His left half died almost eleven years ago. He is diabetic. And diabetes to a person who loves to eat is like a punishing a ten month old kid of keeping his thumb away from sucking. As close as it gets that so much so he makes sure to eat no more for the tongue, but here and there a day comes when the rain arrives and wind becomes colder, and one’s urge turns to need of having a few fried Pakoras, and a few more.

In two months to come, he will enter his last year of work, he is hoping to get a call back to a school which comes in an area close to his quarters. Being the head of the school, he is managing the biggest school in Delhi with a student count of 2700. There are headaches that he has almost stopped carrying home, but and yet at times when those winds arrive a diabetic food lover can not help but eat some and regrets later.

Yesterday was the first time in last eleven months that I touched his body again. I felt his bones and skin. He moaned with some kind of pain that I wasn’t sure I could help him relieve yet I started pressing all those nerves that connect body to the brain. Almond oil is good, his favourite being mustard. Raw like village life. One can remember visions of beautiful mustard fields than almonds in any field. So slowly started pressing his feet. Foot Reflexology works with central nervous system. It helps body adjust the tension in the system. Fingers of the feet, hands, or giving ear pressure regularly should be a must to a person above sixty. And for anyone who might read this post should remember that that toe id directly connected to the brain cells and thus should be pressed for at least ten-eleven minutes each if anyone feels heaviness in head or has a headache. One must know that the world of the body resides on the soles of the foot.

And when it just feels special to touch and help healing your parents skin and parts and see them lying feeling high. So it was a beautiful experience to to touch that skin, hair starting to get the grey way. And by the end of my session with him I ended giving him a full body and head reflex. He was already sleeping by the time I was ending it.

Kashmir has to take the mind space again. Editing has to come at par before I leave for Kashmir and meet Rasool. Only after knowing how much actually would it take to make him stand again on his feet, to relieve him from never ending pain, it is important to get him some aid. Hope all these things settle as I end this year in hope of making life better of at least a handful of people.

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