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Dawn 2
New Delhi

Is it true that good days pass fast or even boring days sprint by too? And what about the rainy ones if it is only raining all day ? When the weeping of the clouds has taken the better out of you, amongst the buildings that only deal with touching the clouds. Like the society in front of mine is “Cloud 9”. And mine is “Angel Mercury”. And they are serious people! What would a boring day look like in the life of a modern Yogi? Too much comfort? Availability of Gadgets! No one talks of electricity anymore! Yog is an art and yoga is the union.

Let me write fast because I have eaten rather lazily by the end of tonight when I had thought of skipping it. Ma cooked something irresistible. And when one is rarely at home, smells such a delicacy from the god’s hand herself. I would rather not eat for whole tomorrow than now. Tomorrow is the weekly fast day. This fast, though I have been keeping since long but it is just after April that I made sure of keeping it and concluding it in September for ever. I am deciding on changing the day of the fast thats it. There is another addition that happened after Sanskrit studies was understanding the importance of Ekadasi i.e the eleventh day of the moon cycle. Both of my parents have been keeping that fast for longest ever time.

The computer took all day today in rendering the Rasool Campaign Film. I am quiet satisfied with how it has come. It evokes a feeling and that is the only basis of founding a film like this which might help Rasool. It is important that this film works. Not just Rasool, I can at least help the whole family if needed be. I am still interested in continuing The Swan Project but that can only happen if Rasool’s fights back for his health again. I am sure there ain’t one person who is speaking with him or all the diseased people who have taken their rooms and spend all days alone without even putting their feet outside. Just imagine what Dal used to be just Twenty-Thirty years ago. Who’s responsible? Will anyone take the responsibility? Are responsibilities even important when it comes to Kashmir? But whatever, let Kashmir and Kashmiris decide its fate and it completely is in their hands only if they start seeing. I am going to upload the video on Youtube right now.

I imagine the only most thrilling thing that took place today was the coming of the book by Roberto Calasso’s named KA, in my hands. It is going to be one Vedic Journey.

Shubham Mangalam

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Hello, My name is Narayan. I am a teacher and an Ethnographer. After college i opted for teaching in far away villages of the Himalayas and later in Central rural India. And gradually as I wandered along the local streams and rivers, unending fields i learnt not only about myself but India and what is it to be Indian, living with various families throughout India. And to tell you, there is nothing more than a smile and an effort to make their children lives better that makes them happy. I have been independently working as a writer, photographer and filmmaker. For past many years I have been travelling the Indian subcontinent teaching and extensively documenting rural and her communities. Learning and understanding culture, communication and various ways of human mind and body. I am a student of History and did my masters in it. And later studied Sanskrit. When you realise the alignment of your spirit with the world around you, winds take you to places in the Himalayas, where you learn the ancient Yogic way of nerve healing, I can't really know myself but since then all the above mentioned things altogether has helped me generously to enter homes for shelter and food in the night. I come back to Delhi. Here mother and I run a small school for children.

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